How to thrive in a co-working community

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How to thrive in a co-working community

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September 21, 2022

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Co-working spaces are places where people work together, and it goes beyond just having a desk in the same room or office.

How to thrive in a co-working community

How to thrive in a co-working community

In recent times, the nature of work has been changing tremendously. People have begun working in remote locations instead of going to offices every day, at cafes and in co-working spaces—all with greater efficiency.

Working from home or a traditional office can be isolating, and with all the changes in working setups—from technology to corporate culture—many freelancers as well as companies are turning to co-working spaces. It is an attractive option for some, but it can feel intimidating to join one if a person or a team never worked in that type of  environment before. Co-working spaces are places where people work together, and it goes beyond just having a desk in the same room (or office). Here are some tips to help you get started with co-working:

Get to Know Your Community: The first step is to meet people, make connections and familiarize yourself with the community. A good way to do this is by attending events or taking part in activities that are organized by the co-working space.

Create a Work Routine: Although having a flexible schedule is attractive, it can also be detrimental to one's performance when too much flexibility prompts laziness. Having a structured work routine and sticking to it can help increase efficiency & accomplish what's important on any given day.

Maximize Your Membership: Most coworking communities offer a variety of amenities, including meeting rooms, snack bars and on-site events. Taking advantage of the perks can bring value to your membership and help you be more productive. For example, Modern Working, an upcoming luxury executive office space in Dubai, offers more than just a premium co-working experience. The business center was designed to create an ecosystem that would boost its members’ success. Some of its bespoke features include an in-house coffee shop that provides networking opportunities, plus access to potential investors.

Keep an Open Mind: For some people, working in a shared office can be overwhelming and too distracting. Having an open mind can help  such as focusing on yourself but being aware of others, following social and community rules, and setting expectations. One way to have an open mind in a shared working space is by embracing accountability and having a "give first" positive attitude.

Have Your Resources Ready: People are constantly coming and going from a co-working space, so having a prepared elevator pitch can come in handy. Don't be afraid to share your story! It's also important to have your resources ready. This can include business cards, a website with your contact information and a portfolio of work that you've done or projects currently in progress.

Connecting with others through a coworking community can be an enriching experience, especially when new ideas and perspectives are being shared.  By trying out different coworking spaces, asking the right questions and being honest about your needs, you can find a space that works well for your business.


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